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Contactless card can control physical layer attacks

Attackers may be in a more direct way to control the circuits on a chip, for example, with electrical equipment directly connected to the signal micro-controller line. to read the line on the transmission of confidential data or data of the attacker's injected chip.

In order to deal with physical attacks, the most important chip for encrypting memory and bus systems, this refers to the data on the chip itself is encrypted using a strong password algorithm. This is even if it is for an attacker to obtain these data, and produce only useless information.

The other hand, can be effective in shielding network constitutes an effective barrier to an attacker. In that case, with micron Superfine protection line to override the safety controller. These lines are continuously monitored, if some of the lines and the other short, cut or damaged, it will activate the alarm. With so many layers of protection measures can play a role in protection of the controller to avoid for suffered physical attacks, even attacks from senior attack equipment.