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Non-contact card advantages

1. high reliability and to prevent card, dust pollution leading to various faults; no bare chip appearance, no chip off issues such as bending, electrostatic breakdown, damage; easy operation, effective range of card operations can be without direction; improve reading speed, without mechanical contact between the card and reader.

2. conflict prevention (automatic resolution) RF card quick mechanism for conflict prevention, which can prevent data interference between cards, readers can also dispose of more than one card.

3. convenient operation, due to non-contact communication reader card operations can be in the 10CM range, general reading is the card distance depending on the equipment and set.

4. wide application range, RF card memory architecture features a card so that it can be applied to different systems, depending on the application the user can set different passwords and access conditions.

5. encryption performance, bi-directional authentication mechanism, all sectors have user ID password and access conditions.