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Non-contact IC card can be divided into:

1.) RF-encryption (RF ID) often referred to as ID cards. RF card information access is done through radio waves. No mechanical contact between the host and radio frequency. Such as HID,INDARA,TI,EM, etc.

Most schools use meal cards (of thickness), the card belongs to the ID card.

2.) RF card (RF IC) often referred to as non-contact IC card. Radio frequency card access information via radio. It is based on the memory card increases the RF Circuit. For example, MIFARE ONE.

Early bus card in some cities, some schools use meal cards, hot water, which belongs to the RF card.

3). radio frequency CPU card (RF CPU) commonly referred to as active card is based on the CPU card increases the RF Circuit. COS the CPU card has its own operating system, called real smart cards.

Big city bus card, financial IC card, a very few school meal card, belonging to the RF CPU card.