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A Detailed Introduction To Smart Label

     Smart tags, a new technology that emerged in the the 1990s, is widely used in food storage, transportation and marketing. Smart tags to facilitate the use, can enhance the brand, increase interest, entertainment, novelty, easy to attract consumers eyeball, improve the difference, more easily accepted by consumers.Smart Label

     There are two main types of smart tags, one is a diagnostic or detection function of the label, mainly including time-temperature indicator label, freshness indicator label, oxygen indicator label, carbon dioxide indicator label, packaging leak label, pathogenic bacteria indicator label, etc. another is the use of information technology labels, Mainly includes radio frequency identification RFID tags, anti-theft electronic surveillance tags, electromagnetic identification tags.Smart Label

     Intelligent packaging means that in a packaging, a product or product-packaging portfolio, there is an integrated component or an inherent characteristics (components), through such components or characteristics to meet the specific requirements of the functional components of the product packaging function, or embodied in the product itself in use. Smart Label In particular, intelligent packaging is the use of new packaging materials, structures and forms to the quality of goods and the safety of the circulation of active intervention and protection, the use of information collection, management, control and processing technology to complete the Transport Packaging system optimization management.Smart Label

     According to the work principle to classify, intelligent packaging can be divided into functional material type intelligent packaging, functional structure-type intelligent packaging and information-type intelligent packaging. Smart Label

     Functional material-type intelligent packaging refers to the use of new intelligent packaging materials, to increase and enhance the packaging function, in order to achieve the purpose of specific packaging. such as through the use of photoelectric, humidity sensitive, temperature sensitive, gas-sensitive and other functional materials, environmental factors have "identification" and "judgment" function of packaging is a typical material type intelligent packaging.Smart Label