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Analysis On The Development Of Smart Label

Intelligent tag technology application and analysis, the rapid development of information technology and enterprise internationalization of the process of accelerating for the smart label industry has brought a rare opportunity for development. As an important application technology and information industry, a new growth point, intelligent label application prospects more and more widely, is the market's "new darling." The application of smart tags can enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises, has become a new choice of enterprise information today.Smart Label

Smart label is a non-contact automatic identification technology, identification work without human intervention. It automatically identifies the target object and obtains the relevant data through the radio frequency signal. Compared with the bar code, the smart label is rewritable, non-contact, can be read at the same time, the data storage capacity is large, and contains the information of a single product. As a wireless version of the bar code, the smart label technology has the advantages of waterproof, anti-magnetic, high temperature, long service life, large reading distance, large data on the label, large storage data capacity, easy change of stored information, Is expected to completely replace the current in the commercial retail, logistics and other fields widely used bar code technology.Smart Label

The research and application of intelligent tag technology has a deep international background. The earliest smart label application in the world is to realize the identification and tracking of every single item in the supply chain. The key is that each RFID tag has a unique identifier. Because the intelligent tag-based application system can not only replace the traditional manual input mode, but also greatly enhance the operational efficiency of enterprises, and because of its advanced automatic identification function, can easily complete the task difficult to complete artificial, easy to find historical information and summary analysis, , The application of smart tag technology has been a broad development platform and background support.Smart Label