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Application Adjustment Of GPS Smart Card

    GPS smart card also known as GPS satellite tracking card, as long as the Smart School card, no matter in which corner of the world, can pinpoint its specific location, anytime, anywhere to know where they are. GPS satellite tracking and positioning Smart School card with a special device to maintain contact with satellites in space, the satellite can be at any time to transmit this information to the electronic table, so no matter you at the ends of the earth, you can experience the precise navigation satellite function.Smart Card

    GPS satellite tracking and positioning watch care for the elderly, so that they get lost after the smooth return home, even if they can not find, the school card's satellite positioning system can let the family in the shortest possible time to search for the elderly's location. Smart Card

    When there is Alzheimer's disease that often happens when you get lost, family very worried about him, and even affect the work and life, but also with a mobile phone, but the mobile phone function is limited, with this GPS satellite tracking positioning watch, family can clearly know the old man's position, even if the elderly lost in the shortest possible time to find the old man, GPS Intelligent Positioning School card is a rare convenience products.Smart Card

    GPS satellite tracking and positioning smart card, the use of GPS satellite positioning and GPRS wireless network positioning dual positioning function, in the area of poor GPS satellite signal, as long as there is a stable mobile network signal, parents can also accurately grasp the location of children.Smart Card

    Parents can also use electronic watch electronic fence function, set fence area, can choose to adjust the size of electronic fence, when the child wearing a watch beyond the fence area, the platform will alarm. Also, the SOS key on the smart card is more important. Once the child feels critical situation, a press key even if not speak, will automatically dial the parents of the phone, the child around everything, can be parents know, the first time to rescue, in addition to this design for small cards are not easy to lose, very safe.Smart Card