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Application Of RFID Inlay In Modern Technology

    In modern logistics system, warehousing often plays a role of balance, regulation and buffering, and it is also the central link of logistics. In the modern warehouse design concept, the efficiency of the warehouse will be directly marketed to the economic benefits. Through the RFID technology can realize the scientific and effective warehouse location management, realizes the storehouse management informationization and the timeliness.RFID Inlay

    In the warehouse location management system, the use of RFID positioning System to manage the shelf, including the map on the location of the query, distribution, the utilization of the shelf and other graphic analysis. Because of the advantages of RFID technology, such as non-contact, repeated use, rapid scanning, large data capacity, and so on, more and more are being applied to the warehouse management, in the information and digitization on the basis of maximizing the efficiency of warehouse management, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.RFID Inlay

    Through the RFID technology for warehouse location management, each shelf is accurately recorded the type and quantity of goods, through the automatic Guide car installed RFID reader, wireless communication equipment, managers can set up a guide car regularly to the warehouse inventory of goods, and the results of the inventory transfer to the System Management Center.RFID Inlay

      When the goods need to be put into storage, to each goods to paste electronic labels, generally can be pasted into the whole pallet, or embedded in the tray to achieve re-use. When the goods enter the shelf, you can read the label information and compare it with the location information to determine if the operation is correct.RFID Inlay