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Application Of RFID Inlay Technology In Police

At present, police guns are usually marked with plaintext labels or bar code labels, which are easily deflated or dislodged in use, and there are many human intervention in the management, prone to errors. With the development of computer communication technology and automatic identification technology. The use of RFID technology in the field of public security has become possible.RFID Inlay

RFID (RadioFrequencyIdentification.RFID) that is radio frequency identification technology, referred to as RFID technology. It is through non-contact radio frequency signal automatically identify the target (RFID tags) and data collection, without human intervention, quick and easy operation, can adapt to a variety of harsh environments. RFID tags with small size, large capacity, long life, reusable and so on, can support fast read and write, non-visual recognition, mobile identification, multi-target recognition, positioning and long-term tracking management. RFID technology can be extremely fast speed between the reader and electronic tags to collect and exchange data; with intelligent read and write and encrypted communication capabilities, the world unique password, strong information confidentiality; RFID technology and the Internet, RFID Inlaycommunications, etc. Technology, can achieve a global range of items tracking and information sharing. Which for the police equipment requirements accurate, fast, safe, controllable, provides a practical technical approach.RFID Inlay In the RFID system, the signal transmitter for different application purposes, will exist in different forms, the typical form is the label (TAG). The tag is equivalent to the barcode symbol in the barcode technique used to store the information that needs to be identified for transmission. In addition, the bar code is different, the label must be able to automatically or under the action of external forces, the stored information to take the initiative to launch.RFID Inlay

Classification of electronic tags. According to their working frequency, can be divided into low-frequency electronic tags, high-frequency electronic tags and UHF and microwave frequency of the three major electronic tags. According to the different working frequency of electronic tags can be divided into active and passive two categories; Class; according to whether the electronic tag is equipped with a battery for its power supply, but also can be divided into active tags and passive tags two categories; according to the electronic tag data readings can be divided into read-only tags and can Read and write labels two categories.RFID Inlay