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Classification Of Smart Cards

          1. Memory Card: The card internal chip is electrically erasable programmable read-only memory EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmablemory), as well as address decoding circuit and instruction decoding circuit. In order to be able to encapsulate it in 0.76mm Plastic card base, specially made into 0.3mm thin structure. The memory card belongs to the passive card, which usually adopts synchronous communication. This card is easy to store, easy to use, and inexpensive to replace magnetic cards on many occasions. But this kind of IC card does not have the secrecy function, therefore generally uses for to store does not need the confidential information. For example, medical emergency cards, catering customers menu cards. The common memory card has Atmel company's At24C16, At24164 and so on.Smart Card

         2. Logical encryption Card: This kind of card besides has the memory card's EEPROM, also with the encryption logic, each time reads/writes the card to carry on the password authentication. If the password verification error is repeated several times, the card will be self-locking and become a dead card. In terms of data management, password verification and identification, the logical encryption card is also a passive card, which uses synchronous mode to communicate. This kind of card storage volume is relatively small, the price is relatively cheap, applicable to have a certain confidentiality requirements of the occasion, such as canteen dining card, telephone card, public utility card. The common logic encryption card has Siemens company's SLE4442, SLE4428, Atmel Company's At88Sc1608 and so on.

         3. CPU Card: The chip contains the microprocessor unit (CPU), storage unit (RAM, ROM and EEPROM), and the input/output interface unit. Where RAM is used to store intermediate data in the operation process, the ROM is cured with an in-chip operating system cos (Chip Operatingsystem), and the EEPROM is used to store the cardholder's personal information and information about the issuing unit. CPU Management information plus/decryption and transmission, strictly guard against illegal access card information, found several times illegal access, will lock the corresponding information area (also available high level a command unlock). CPU card capacity is very small, the price is higher than the logic encryption card. But CPU card's good processing ability and superior confidentiality can make it become the main direction of IC card development. CPU card is suitable for occasions with high confidentiality requirements, such as financial card, military secret card and so on. Internationally more well-known CPU card providers have Gemalto (Gemalto), G, Schlumberger and so on.Smart Card

        4. Super smart card: On the basis of CPU card to increase the keyboard, liquid crystal display, power, that is, become a super smart card, some cards also have a fingerprint identification device. Visa International credit card organization test a super card that has 20 health, can display 16 characters, in addition to timing, computer exchange rate conversion function, but also stored personal information, medical, travel data and telephone numbers. Mixed cards: Mixed cards also exist in many forms, the IC chip and magnetic card on a card, the contact and non-contact integration, generally referred to as a "mixed card." Light card: In 1981 by a company in the United States to put forward the concept of optical card, thus rich in card-type data storage. The optical card (Optical card) consists of a semiconductor laser material capable of storing and reproducing a large amount of information. The pattern of optical card recording has formed two patterns: Canon and Delta type. Both forms have been accepted by ISO as international standard. Light card with small size, easy to carry, data safe and reliable, large capacity, anti-interference strong, not easy to change, good confidentiality and relative price advantage.Smart Card