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Electronic Technology Development Of Smart Card

     Smart card security controllers are often subject to a large number of hacker attacks. Recent improvements in attack methods have revealed the end of many previously designed claims that their products were very safe. For high security chips designed to have a long design life for passports and the like, it is now time to take the latest countermeasures. and need to accept the widest variety of tests.Smart Card

     A clear distinction should be made between pure RFID chips and pure RFID chips with standard microcontrollers and security controllers, which do not include microcontrollers. This type of chip has limited functionality and security. So it can only be used for its specific applications. For contactless card applications, a very high level of privacy protection and data protection is required. Specially designed security is the controller, then can meet this kind of application the privacy protection and the data protection high-level demand.Smart Card

     For semiconductor chips used in contactless cards such as electronic identification cards or passports, the ability to protect stored data from unauthorized tampering must be designed. Hackers make illegal tampering by manipulating data inside the chip. When the card itself is tampered with. Hackers can make content conform to a country's identity card information, so that the printed information and chip information consistent. Some identification systems are able to realize the authentication function, that is, the reading equipment can check the integrity and authenticity of the information of the ID card or passport, even the vice versa, which is called the mutual authentication right.Smart Card

    For both applications, the security controller has a separate key for the check. But. Once this key is publicly available, security will no longer exist. therefore. Such chips must also be able to protect their security authentication keys from being illegally read.Smart Card