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Exploration And Improvement Of Smart Card Security Technology

             With the development of chip technology and application of security requirements, smart card with its unique security, in many areas has a very wide range of applications, such as finance, social security, municipal, refueling and so on. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the security of smart cards. In these applications, the authentication and secure communication between the smart card and the reader is the most important. This paper focuses on some authentication problems about smart cards.Smart Card

             First of all, this paper gives some basic knowledge and technology of smart card. Then the security technology and mechanism of the smart card are reviewed, and two authentication protocols with session key exchange are proposed, and the asymmetric unilateral authentication is improved so that it can work normally under replay attack, active attack and malicious attack. The encryption of communication link between smart card and reader is an important topic in smart card security, and one of the basic problems is the secure distribution of keys. In this paper, in order to solve the problem of session key generation and distribution, I propose two improved bilateral symmetry authentication mechanisms, and give the security analysis.Smart Card

             In the security analysis of the authentication protocol of smart card, we mainly consider two kinds of attacks, one is replay attack, the other is active attack. The purpose of both attacks is to try to make the authentication of the fake card successful. In addition to these two attacks, there is a possible attack called a malicious attack, its purpose is simply to let the real card authentication failed. In the case of these three attacks, the smart card authentication protocol may not function properly. In the paper, in order to enable the authentication protocol to resist these three kinds of attacks, this paper proposes an improved authentication protocol by improving the classical unilateral asymmetric authentication protocol. The corresponding security analysis clearly gives an improved authentication protocol to be more robust than previous protocols when considering these three types of attacks.Smart Card