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Features And Advantages Of RFID Wristband Technology

      RFID is an easy to manipulate, simple and practical and particularly suitable for automatic control of the flexibility of the application of technology, the identification of the work without manual intervention, it can support the read-only work mode can also support read-write work mode, without contact or aim; can work freely in all kinds of harsh environments: short distance RF products are not afraid of oil stains, dust pollution and other harsh environment, can replace the bar code, for example, use in the factory line tracking objects; Long distance RF products used in traffic, identification distance of up to dozens of meters, such as automatic charge or identification of vehicle status. Its unique advantage is that other identification technology can not reach, mainly the following aspects:

      1. Easy to read: The data can be read without a light source, or even through the outer packaging. Effective identification distance is greater, effective identification distance can reach more than 30 meters.RFID wristband.

      2. Fast identification: Terminal one into the magnetic field, the reader can instantly read the information, and can simultaneously handle multiple terminals, to achieve batch identification.RFID wristband.

      3. Large data capacity: the largest data capacity of two-dimensional bar code (PDF417), at most, can only store 2,725 of the number, if it contains letters, storage will be less; RFID terminals can be extended to dozens of K according to the user's needs.RFID wristband.

      4. Long service life, wide range of applications: its radio communication mode, so that in the dust, oil and other high pollution environment and radioactive environment, staff do not have to be in it to work. Closed packaging of terminals makes life much more than printed bar codes.RFID wristband.

      5. Label data can be changed dynamically: The use of the programmer can write data, which gives RFID tags interactive portable data files, and write less than the printed bar code.

      6. Better security: Not only can embed or attach to different shapes, types of products, but also to the terminal data read and write password protection thus has the higher security; dynamic real-time communication: The terminal with the frequency of $number per second and the reader to communicate, so as long as the RFID terminals attached to the object appears in the reader's effective recognition range, it can be the location of dynamic tracking and monitoring.RFID wristband.