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RFID Inlay Application Technology Development

Starting from the basic principles of RFID, the key technologies of electronic tags are introduced, including the application of chip, antenna design, packaging and tagging technology. Aiming at the hotspot of design and the research status at home and abroad, this paper summarizes the development trend of electronic tags, and puts forward the basic countermeasures for the application and development of electronic tags in China.RFID Inlay

RFID is the radio frequency identification technology collectively, with the bar code, IC card and other identification of the same, its basic function is to identify the target object unique identifier (UID), the difference is to radio transmission to complete the non-contact automatic identification , And to achieve the movement of goals and multi-target identification. RFID is also a data communication technology, with the basic components of communication systems such as sending, receiving and channeling and transmission of information and other basic functions, the difference is that the transmission of information is man-made, with the set.RFID Inlay

With its storage capacity, identify the target, read distance, data encryption and other advantages and development potential, RFID is known as one of today's important technology. The key application and development of RFID system is the key technology of electronic tag and electronic tag and the research status at home and abroad, and put forward the basic countermeasure of applying and developing electronic tag in our country at this stage.RFID Inlay

RFID chip design and manufacturing technology development trend is lower chip power, the role of distance, read and write faster, more reliable, and the cost of continuous reduction. In addition to increasing the storage capacity of tags to carry more information, reducing the size of the label to reduce costs and improve the sensitivity of the label to increase the reading distance, the current research hot spots include: ultra-low power circuit; security and privacy technology , The password function and implementation; low-cost chip design and manufacturing technology; new storage technology; anti-collision algorithm and implementation technology; and sensor integration technology; and application system closely integrated with the overall solution.RFID Inlay