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RFID Inlay To Know The Main Points

    The types of electronic tags (RFID).RFID Inlay

    Here is a brief description of the components of electronic tags. The first is the core of the IC chip and the chip, antenna and film into one of the mosaic. On-the-spot labels are sometimes printed on paper, plastic, and ceramic to print text and paste or fix such labels on articles or crates with stickers or other methods.

    IC chips are manufactured by semiconductor manufacturers, with antenna film or tiles to be designed and manufactured by the antenna professional manufacturers. The final combination of these materials is the electronic label.

    IC chips are based on international standards and are poor in performance and poor performance depending on the manufacturer and the type. For example, the memory capacity that can store data, the consumption power that affects the communication distance, and the data security. Users want to use the label of the IC chip in the content of these content is not through the naked eye can understand. The label bought from the manufacturer is largely limited by the performance of the IC chip. In the selected label, not only to the line of sight on the IC chip, but also test the performance and function can match the actual application environment.RFID Inlay

    The final package form of the label varies depending on its application. Labels for goods and goods, and sometimes need to be made to print the paper and film packaging. Likewise, labels are attached to cartons or plastic boxes that sometimes produce different effects, so they are sometimes provided by different vendors. There is also a label, the surface of the text graphics can be repeatedly printed and smear, the printing surface can be used repeatedly, so they apply to the circulation box or RFID operation instructions.RFID Inlay