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RFID Wristband

              The basic working principle of RFID technology: The basic principle of RFID technology is not complicated: when the label enters the magnetic field, the RF signal sent by the reader receives the input from the current, sends out the product information stored in the chip, or sends out the signal of a frequency actively, the reader reads the information and decodes it and sends it to the central information system for data processing.RFID wristband

              The printing antenna and the chip interconnect, because the RFID label's working frequency is high, the chip tiny ultra-thin, the most suitable method is Flip chip (flip Chip) technology, it has high performance, Low-cost, miniaturization, high reliability characteristics, in order to adapt to flexible substrate materials, flip-chip bonding materials to the conductive plastic to achieve the interconnection of the antenna pad. Flexible substrates to achieve large-volume low-cost production, and in order to reduce production costs more effectively, the use of new methods to interconnect antennas and chips is currently a hot issue in the international and domestic research.RFID wristband

              In order to adapt to the smaller size of the RFID chip, effectively reduce the cost of production, the use of chip and antenna substrate bonding package is divided into two modules to complete is the current trend of development. One of the specific practices is: large-size antenna substrate and the small block substrate connected to the chip are manufactured respectively, on the small block of the substrate on the completion of the chip mount and interconnect, and then with the large size antenna substrate through the adhesion of large pads to complete the circuit guide. Similar to the above-mentioned packaging process two modules are to transfer the chip first to the load-bearing chip can be equal spacing, and then put on the tape on the antenna substrate. In this method, the flip of the chip is realized by the way of carrying the rolling, which simplifies the pickup operation of the chip, thus achieving higher production efficiency.RFID wristband

              RFID tags for different purposes to present a variety of packaging forms, so in the antenna manufacturing, convex point formation, chip bonding interconnection and other packaging process is also a variety of processes. RFID is Radio Frequency identification abbreviation, namely RFID technology, commonly known as electronic tag. R F I D Radio Frequency identification is a non-contact automatic recognition technology, which automatically identifies target objects and obtains relevant data through RF signals, and does not need manual intervention and can work in a variety of harsh environments. R F I-D technology can identify high-speed moving objects and can identify multiple labels at the same time, and operate quickly and conveniently.RFID wristband