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RFID Wristband Card Become The New Darling

RFID wristband card is a highly personalized new smart card, widely used in sports events, health clubs, swimming pools, sauna bath, cooling pool, water patrol and other fields, RFID wristband can be soaked in water for a long time are not affected use.

RFID wristband strap, the shape resembles the watch, also known as the watch card, can be customized mass customization, the internal implantation of RF chips, the use of imported silicone material package, making the card more robust, watch core using PVC hot lamination process Pvc original film card diameter of about 25mm), at the same time, RFID wristbandwith a soft texture, tear, wear comfortable, easy to carry, RFID wristband bright colors and other characteristics, sought after by young people, RFID wristband is the smart card industry innovation.

Chip name: original imported chip / F1108 / TK4100, etc., thickness 1.0MM

Reading distance: 2.5-10CM (related to the card reader)

Working temperature: -30 ~ 75 ℃

Storage temperature: -40 ~ 80 ℃

Color: red, black, blue, white, purple, orange, customized according to customer requirements

Features: bright colors, feel good, comfortable to wear

Application areas: swimming pool / bath center / cooling pool / inspection / bus subway travel / field operations