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RFID Wristband Strap Label Advantage

               The system implements the benefit strengthens the prison law enforcement strength, maintains the legal dignity. Improve the prison management level, realize the intelligent management to alleviate the prison police shortage pressure, release the supervision funds pressure. Change the traditional management mode, reduce the prison running cost. The difficulty of the offender's transformation is reduced, because it lowers the probability of the inmates to riot and fight in the prison. Scientific management allows science means to replace man-made work, to achieve from the preferential police and improve the quality of work.RFID wristband

               100% front-end recognition rate. Has the source card recognition distance (2-100 meters), this program does not need to use the handheld reader to put next to the label, may fully realize the automatic recognition. Very high conflict resistance (at the same time, 200 active cards can be identified), a high degree of identification stability (bit error rate is less than one out of 10,000), true and accurate code, no leakage card. Improve management level, centralized management, distributed control, effective management of prison inmates, improve the management of intelligent and scientific. This system makes the escape impossible, prison tyrants can not be produced, fights reduced.

              Anti-destructive wrist label because inmates have a certain resistance to prison staff, will not be very good with and protect the wrist-type label on the wrist, we are equipped with a tamper-proof alarm function in the wristband, which can prevent the prisoner from being removed arbitrarily.RFID wristband

              The implementation of family prisons may be due to insufficient police force, and the treatment of some of the less socially harmful detainees has been a major problem in law enforcement. With this system, legal dignity can be easily maintained. For example, the reception of drunk drivers, in some places overcrowded, if the implementation of family prisons will be a good solution to this problem.RFID wristband