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RFID Wristband Strap Label Solutions

           RFID wristband label personnel Positioning System in the reader and RFID wrist tag added a locator, wrist tag through the reader to the ID information and location of the locator information accurate feedback to the computer system, the system processing can clearly reflect the general course of action of the personnel, and the number of people gathered, so that managers can make an accurate and effective reflection on the problem of the prisoners, and make the management of personnel more efficient. is a Low-cost personnel positioning program device, 2.4G, multi-gain adjustable design, wireless activation mode, can be activated within the range of various range of tags.

           Hospital mother and child RFID wrist strap management solution: At present, most of the hospital obstetrics and gynecology in infancy, generally used to mother, baby wear symbol ring, has been discharged to identify the mother and baby, this symbol ring for pure physical media, easy to be replaced. The existing management system of the hospital will not allow the family members of visiting infants to enter and limit their numbers and control casual workers. Even so, out of the family anxious to visit mother and child, the actual management is very difficult to achieve. How to solve the theft of infants and prevent the error is a technical problem that the maternity hospital urgently needs to solve.

          Therefore, according to the actual situation of the hospital and management needs, the use of advanced Internet technology design of the hospital mother and child RFID wrist strap management system, is based on the open principle, both support centralized management, but also support the humanized service, in line with the current and future development needs of the solution. It will play an important role in the management of maternal and child identification, infant anti-theft management and access rights management in the gynecology, obstetrics and gynaecology hospitals of large general hospitals.

RFID wristband solution in medical Internet: The RFID wristband includes the patient's name, sex, age, occupation, registration time, visiting time, diagnosis time, inspection time and cost. The acquisition of patient identity information does not require manual input, and the data can be encrypted, ensuring the sole source of patient identity information, avoiding the possibility of manual input of errors, while encrypting maintains data security. In addition, the wrist belt also has the localization function, the person who wears the wrist strap can no longer sneak out of the hospital.RFID wristband

          When someone forcibly dismantled "RFID wrist strap" or patients beyond the scope of the hospital, the system will be alerted; wearing a monitoring vital signs (breathing, heartbeat, blood pressure, pulse) and set "critical value" of the "RFID wristband", can be 24 hours to monitor the changes in vital signs, when the "critical value" of the system will immediately automatically alarm, so that medical personnel in the first time intervention. In the medical process, the patient, such as testing, photography, surgery, medicine and other work, can be through the "RFID wrist strap" to confirm the patient's information, and record the starting time of each work, to ensure that all levels of health care and inspectors to carry out the doctor's orders in place, no errors, thus the whole process of diagnosis and treatment of quality control.RFID wristband

         The patient can check the occurrence of medical expenses at any time through "RFID wrist Band" on the designated reader and writer, and can print the expense result of oneself, and the content such as health insurance policy, regulation, nursing instruction, medical plan, medicine information, so as to improve the patient's easy degree and satisfaction of obtaining medical information.RFID wristband