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Smart Card Of The Operating System

Smart card is a kind of IC card (integrated circuit card), according to the embedded chip type, IC card can be divided into three categories:

1. Memory Smart Card: The integrated circuit in the card is a programmable read-only memory EEPROM that can be erased with electrical data. It has only data storage function and no data processing capability. The memory card itself has no hardware encryption function, only encrypts the file, It is easy to be cracked.

2. Logic Encryption Card: The integrated circuit in the card includes the encryption logic circuit and the programmable read-only memory EEPROM. The encryption logic circuit can protect the security of the data in the card and the card to a certain extent, but only low-level protection can not prevent the malicious attack The

3. Smart card (CPU card)

The smart card operating system is often referred to as the chip operating system COS. COS generally has its own security system, its safety performance is usually a measure of COS important technical indicators.

COS functions include: transport management, file management, security systems, command interpretation.

Smart Card use

Functionally, the use of smart cards can be categorized as follows:

1. Smart Card Identification

2. Smart Card payment tool

3. Smart Card Encryption / decryption

4. Smart Card Information

Smart Card classification

Smart card is the core of smart card technology, its performance and cost of smart card technology to promote and use plays a decisive role in order to improve the scale and versatility of smart cards, the International Organization for Standardization of the smart card interface and communication protocols made specific provisions, Production of smart card manufacturers have SIEMENS, ATMEL, GEMPLUS, MOTOROLA, MICROCHIP and other companies.

The smart card belongs to the semiconductor card. Semiconductor cards use microelectronics technology for information storage and processing. According to its composition, the smart card can be divided into general memory card, encrypted memory card, CPU card and super smart card.