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Smart Card Profile

"Intelligent a cartoon" is to IC card technology for core, to computer and communications technology for means, will intelligent building internal of the facilities connection became a organic of overall, user through a Zhang IC card will can completed usually of key, and funds settlement, and attendance and some control operation, as with lC card opened door, and IC card dining, and shopping, and entertainment, and Conference, and parking, and tour more, and Office, and charges service, the activities. Don't have to be used to carry a very heavy key to open the door, various counterparts to pay miscellaneous operations. Entire systems can be based on the need for departments to monitor management and decision-making, the local system and the terminal can be sorted automatically collected information for system queries, summary, statistics, management, and decision-making. Through the IC card can be used to communicate and meet both the independence of the various functions of the management, but also to ensure consistency in the overall management. From different applications can be divided into: the campus smart card, intelligent card, smart card office building, Enterprise smart card, hotel smart card, smart building, smart card, and so on. Depending on the card type can be divided into: IC card (most widely used), ID card (phase-out), CPU card (trends)