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Smart Card Security Design Content

Smart cards As a modern personal information tool, in addition to the use of traditional encryption algorithms and a variety of security measures to ensure the security of the card, more and more biometric technology is gradually adopted, especially in those data-sensitive areas, Such as finance, military, social insurance, law enforcement and other departments, a simple password password has been unable to meet people's security needs, many impostors use the theft of information to carry out various forms of fraud, to the social and economic development brought Great harm.Smart Card

Therefore, simple, safe and efficient will become the future development trend of information security certification. At present, the international popular biology is mainly refers to the ability to automatically identify the identity of a person through measurable physical or behavioral characteristics, including fingerprints, iris, pupil, palm, facial features and dynamic information such as signature, Keyboard knock and so on.Smart Card

What are the characteristics of using smart cards in combination with biometrics? We first look at the general biometric authentication process, which usually includes the following steps: acquisition: biological data is collected, the digital processing into the database; template generation: from the above only the data generated template Smart Card

 Compared with the new sample; the result: the result of the comparison finally shows whether the sample coincides with the template to determine whether the sample provider is really the person he claimed. Unlike other applications, smart cards use their own characteristics, the human biometric features stored in the card, you can on-site offline certification, both to improve efficiency, but also save the cost of online online query, but also with the Other applications combined to achieve a multi-purpose card.Smart Card