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Smart Card Technology Applications And Life Cycle

In fact, non-contact IC card security technology is mainly based on the above points proposed and implemented. Because the card and the reader is a wireless frequency mode, but it is used in the variable mode, that is, each communication process has a random variable function, so the outside world through the radio receiver to analyze the system parameters will be extremely difficult The Cards and readers must be strictly authorized after use. Any illegal users want to get the information in the card is not possible.Smart Card

Since each card has a 32-bit independent card number, this card number is formed in the processing of the chip, is the only constant, and the card system area with encryption algorithm validation. Therefore, the counterfeit card is also impossible. Card user area can be user requirements, set to a number of communities, each district can be set up passwords.Smart Card The basic distinction between optics and electrical personalization is the character of the embossed character, and the text or graphic applied to the card by laser engraving forms a personalized optical part; the electrical personalization is carried by the micro- Personal data and write data to the magnetic stripe. Optical personal processing time, depending on the required characteristics, can not be generally specified. Electrical personalization depends on the amount of data, usually about 5s to ⒛s time.Smart Card

The data on the chip is written to the memory, using the same way as the initialization. However, in its content contains a secret key, encrypted protected data transmission is often used to prevent an attacker from eavesdropping on the data line to obtain any benefits. For those cards used for financial transactions, sometimes even more sophisticated methods are used. This includes the use of a special security module in the personalization machine. The encrypted personal data received from the card issuer is re-encrypted and written directly into the smart card. The benefit of this approach is that the individual does not understand the secret data in the card and is unlikely to exploit the eavesdropping on the data line And to probe them out.Smart Card