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Smart Label

        Smart tags, also known as RFID tags, are electronic and computer technology in the label of the crystallization of the printing. Smart tags contain wireless radio frequency identification (RFID) electronic tags, concealed or disclosed trademark protection indicators or sensors that prompt product status.Smart Label.

        With the rapid development of printing technology, modern communication originates from the large increase of the society's demand for information. The use of printing methods to reproduce information, can reduce production costs, improve production efficiency, and the printed pattern is uniform, beautiful and durable. The development of technology, so that the printing process can be printed on a variety of printing materials, in addition to the text lines, but also the dot can be overprint, to get color continuous tone graphics and text. Electronic industry and the development of ink technology, opened up a new area of printing technology, such as PCB printed circuit boards and the emergence of new RFID intelligent electronic label printing production.Smart Label.

        Smart electronic tags are mainly composed of chips and antennas, the chip is mainly used to receive and transmit data, through the RFID reader issued by the radio frequency signal to read, the reader is connected to the antenna and the computer network to form an electronic module, the reader sends the special signal from its antenna to the electronic label of the specific area, then transmits the feedback information to the computer network, thus enables the management personnel to obtain the special information of the commodity. RFID smart tags in the production of goods, storage, durability, security, management and many other aspects to meet a higher and more complete information needs. Compared with traditional barcode label, it has many functions and good anti-counterfeiting effect.

       The printing of smart labels at this stage also includes the printing of surface barcode information, in order to prevent the label from being damaged and not be read by the supplementary means. In this way, the printing of RFID is not only the category of label printing, but also belongs to the line printing. The production process of printing requirements is more stringent, mainly in several aspects: first, the precise printing position; Strict ink (printing) adhesion, such as the thickness of conductive slurry film and the number of conductive particles have strict control; Another factor is the size of the print resolution. Choose the printing process from the size of the printing volume, the surface properties of the substrate, ink or printing material attached to the nature of the cost, process characteristics, and other aspects of comprehensive consideration.Smart Label.