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Smart Label For Valuables Storage And Transportation

           Smart Label The intelligent label of the valuables storage and transportation of the invention is an intelligent measurement and control technology field, which is composed of sensing, auxiliary, alarm, sleep wake, battery monitoring, intelligent management, storage, data encryption, infrared communication, power management modules and motion sensing trigger switch composition, to achieve the intelligent management of valuables storage and transportation, the ability to label the advantages of: Smart tags can automatically realize a variety of working mode of conversion, complete storage and transportation process of information collection, storage, transmission, communication, management of intelligent, The use of high and low temperature battery combination power supply, with temperature control, undervoltage, low power consumption, the use of infrared communication and external contact, real-time dynamic, accurate monitoring, to ensure the reliability of valuables storage and transportation, security, integrity, centralized use of a variety of high-tech, improve the storage and transportation of valuables information, networking, modernization level, the invention of the valuables and storage of intelligent labels to create the object label High-tech and modern road, innovative value, economic value, practical value, worthy of adoption and promotion.Smart Label

           Smart Label A smart tag for storing and transporting valuables, characterized in that: the smart tag consists of sensing module, auxiliary module, alarm module, Sleep Wake module, motion-sensing trigger switch, battery monitoring module, intelligent Management module, storage module, data encryption module, infrared communication module and power Management module compose, accomplish or realize the intelligent management of the collection, storage, transmission and communication of various kinds of information data in the storage and transportation process of valuable goods.Smart Label