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Smart Label Scheme Label

      Smart tags, also known as RF tags, it uses RFID technology, through the interaction with the reader, data exchange and management system to achieve target identification, object tracking and information collection. Smart tag is a new technology which emerged in the the 1990s, which has been widely used in the fields of industrial production and commodity circulation. For commodity management, anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft and other effective means, smart tags in the packaging industry has also begun to attach great importance.Smart Label

     There is no power in the smart tag, and the RF pulse emitted by the reader to the tag chip can charge the capacitor in the chip, providing the energy needed for the chip to work. At the same time, the chip will receive the pulse signal modulation, decoding, decryption, and then control storage data storage, transmission and so on. According to the different frequencies of the radio pulses issued by the reader, the RFID system is divided into your frequency, intermediate frequency and high-frequency system, which can be identified from a few centimeters to 20 meters.Smart Label

     RFID system consists of smart tag, reader, data exchange and management system. The smart tag consists of chips, antennas and substrates, the chip can store the detailed information of goods, but also through the radio signal and reader to encrypt communication, read or modify the chip information.Smart Label

     Smart tags have strong anti-interference ability. When multiple smart tags enter the read-write area at the same time, no data interference occurs. The system can decode 120 tags in 1 minutes. The system can also recognize the label on the moving object, so the customers do not need to stay and take out the items through the reading and writing area, which greatly improves the efficiency of the system. At present, the international advanced recognition can be combined with the laser scanner on the cashier, so that the decoding is synchronized with the collection, and the authenticity can be distinguished at the same time.Smart Label