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The Application Of Modern Technology On Smart Label

With the application of the second generation ID card, people in contact with the life of more and more electronic tags. Electronic tags as an integral part of the RFID system, is an unprecedented pace of development to bring people a new lifestyle. Radio frequency identification (RFID) refers to the specific application of the associated radio technology in the field of automatic device identification (AEI).Smart Label 

The technology uses radio frequency for non-contact two-way communication, in order to achieve the purpose of identification and exchange of data. Radio frequency identification technology and bar code, magnetic stripe and other identification technology, compared with non-contact, working distance, high precision, information collection and processing of fast and better application of environmental adaptability and a series of advantages, greatly accelerated the collection of information And processing.Smart Label The basic workflow of the system is: the reader sends a certain frequency of radio frequency signal through the transmitting antenna. When the RF card enters the working area of the transmitting antenna, the induction current is generated, and the RF card is activated. RF card will own code and other information through the built-in transmitter to send out the card. The system receiving antenna receives the carrier signal transmitted from the radio frequency card, transmits it to the reader through the antenna regulator, the reader demodulates and decodes the received signal, and sends the carrier signal to the background main system for related processing.Smart Label

The main system according to the logical operation to determine the legitimacy of the card, for different settings to make the appropriate processing and control, issued a command signal control actuator action. (FDX, HDX, SEQ), data transmission methods from the RF card to the reader (load modulation, backscatter, higher harmonics), and frequency range, etc., in the coupling mode (inductance-electromagnetic) Non-contact transmission method is fundamentally different. But all the reader in the functional principle, and thus decided to design similar to the structure, all readers can be reduced to high-frequency interface and control unit two basic modules.Smart Label

The high frequency interface comprises a transmitter and a receiver whose function includes generating a high frequency transmit power to start the RF card and providing energy; modulating the transmit signal for transmitting data to the RF card, receiving and demodulating the high frequency from the RF card Frequency signal.Smart Label