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The Basic Working Principle Of Smart Label RFID

               Electronic tag RFID basic working principle RFID tag is the basic principle, electronic tags are RFID (RFID), the unified term, electronic tags by tags, reading, data transmission and system processing four parts. Part of the label page is called an electronic smart tag, because the tag has memory and is also equipped with an antenna chip, inside the chip can be stored to identify the information. RFID tags have the durability and partial update of the cycle, and the information received through the transmission is very strong, the internal storage information can be very large, there are a wide range of RFID electronic tags have the ability to read and write features.Smart Label

              The reader is generally divided into two types: handheld terminals and fixed terminals, it includes transmitter, receiver, control module and transceiver Four parts, transceiver and computer or programmable logic Controller (PLC) link to achieve their communication function, so the reader also has the antenna to receive and transmit information functions.Smart Label

              The working process of data transmission and system processing is such that the reader receives tags by receiving RFID data, which is commonly used in passive RF systems, when the reader meets RFID tags, emit electromagnetic waves to form a small electromagnetic field around, the electronic javelin will be from this electromagnetic field to obtain energy to activate the chip circuit in the RFID, so that the internal chip into the electromagnetic wave sent to the reader, Then the reader to receive the electromagnetic wave into the relevant information, and the computer to deal with this information and then realize the management control role, if it is the active video system, then the electronic tag will be fitted with electromagnetic, the reader will be in the effective range of receiving processing on it.Smart Label