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The Development Of Smart Label In Modern Applications

    Smart Label Printing and traditional label printing has a great difference, because the smart tag and its chip's particularity, can not withstand the pressure of printing presses, so, in addition to inkjet printing, the general use of the first printing surface layer, and then the chip layer composite, die-cutting process.Smart Label

    The traditional barcode label is widely used in all walks of life and its convenient and quick function as well as certain anti-counterfeiting function has become the people's call, but as people on the production of goods, storage, durability, security, governance and many other aspects of higher and more complete information needs, the traditional barcode label is obviously powerless Smart Label

     It not only can not provide commodity production, governance and other aspects of information, can not warn the quality of the demand for goods, such as the temperature, in the anti-counterfeiting effect, but also because of its printing a single, easy imitation and gradually lost to the anti-counterfeiting effect of goods. With the progress of science and technology and the application in the field of label production, a new, multi-functional, good anti-counterfeiting effect of smart tags have been widely used, it will bring new vitality and vitality to the label printing.Smart Label

    Smart tags can help manufacturers and consumers to understand real-time inventory, circulation, durability and so on, for manufacturers to monitor their products in the supply chain status and position play a great role. For example, a lot of food and medicine packaging must be in a specific temperature and low pollution environment for the storage of transport, the general label can not understand and monitor the preservation of the temperature and durability of the product, and smart tags in the process of product storage and transportation in time to monitor the temperature requirements sensitive, perishable products temperature.Smart Label

    It relies on special chips, antennas, sensors, etc., to measure the temperature of the storage process, warning manufacturers to prevent temperature changes on the product impact. Also, if the warehouse administrator can use smart tags to understand the product category and number of information on the shelves, to check the product inventory data and determine the sales of the product. In addition, smart tags improve the traditional label anti-counterfeiting effect, especially in the pharmaceutical packaging, its anti-counterfeiting function has greatly exceeded the traditional barcode labels.Smart Label