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The Market Development Of RFID Wristband

   The wrist band chip can first determine the patient's injury situation, in the disaster scene in the case of numerous casualties, through the wrist band scanning, doctors can determine which patients need the first time surgery, which patients can be transferred to the rear for treatment. And through the scanning chip advance to the mobile hospital information, can help doctors determine the surgical plan in advance, arrived at the Mobile hospital, the first time to operate, you know, in the disaster relief every 1 seconds can save many lives. After a preliminary calculation, this "wrist band operation" System can increase the efficiency of the traditional disaster operation more than 3 times times.RFID wristband
   With the locator in the reader and RFID wrist tags, and embedded speech synthesis chip, wrist-type label through the reader to the ID information and locator location information accurately back to the computer system, and then by the system processing can clearly reflect the children's position, but also in advance to set up the information using voice prompts to remind the function in time. The RFID reader is installed in the kindergarten doorway, channel and more remote corners, and other specific locations, to receive information from all electronic tags in the region.RFID wristband
   However, the barcode must be aligned before it can be scanned, each patient scans, has certain influence to the medical efficiency; handwritten hand ring, then through the human eye to check the information above, this situation is more time-consuming, the probability of error is greater, because it is difficult to completely avoid errors, or because information similar to the case of misjudgment, resulting in medical accidents. The findings of the medical wristband selection in the past few years show that the hospitals involved in the survey are more focused on the choice of wristbands and the choice of the handwritten wrist strap (plastic) is much higher than that of other types. The heat-sensitive print wrist band ranked second. In the choice of medical wristbands, the handwritten wrist strap (plastic) showed a significant advantage, with a ratio of 30.35%, far higher than that of other types of wrist bands; thermal printing wrist strap, thermal transfer wrist strap (need ribbon), handwritten wrist strap (synthetic paper), RFID wrist strap, second to fifth. In addition to the thermal-sensitive print wrist strap, the choice of the other kinds of wrist band is less than 15%. It can be seen that the choice of medical wrist strap is concentrated in a handful of hospitals. Hospitals with up to 28.6% percentage of the population do not use any medical wristband.RFID wristband