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The Meaning Of Smart Label And The Market

    The structure of RFID is a simple wireless system, only two of basic devices, the system used to control, detect and track objects. The system consists of a query and a number of transponders. In the first place in the technical field, the transponder is the electronic module which can transmit the information reply information, in recent years, because of the rapid development of the RF technology, the transponder has the new saying and the meaning, also is called the Smart label or the label. RFID electronic tag reader through the antenna and RFID tag wireless communication, can achieve the tag identification code and memory data read or write operations. RFID technology can identify high-speed moving objects and can identify multiple tags at the same time, easy to operate. In the future, the rapid development of RFID technology is of great significance to the progress of the field of IoT.Smart Label
    The most important advantage of the RFID system is non-contact identification, which penetrates the labels in harsh environments where snow, fog, ice, paint, grime and barcodes cannot be used, and reads very fast, in most cases less than 100 milliseconds. The sketch ability of active radio frequency Identification system is also an important advantage. It can be used for interactive business such as process tracking and maintenance tracking.Smart Label
   The main problem that restricts the development of RF Identification system is incompatible standard. The main manufacturers of radio frequency identification systems are dedicated systems, resulting in different applications and different industries using different manufacturers of frequency and protocol standards, this confusion and the situation has restricted the entire RF identification industry growth. Many European and American organizations are tackling the problem and have achieved some success. Standardization will stimulate the large-scale development and wide application of radio frequency identification technology.Smart Label
   Performance Features: 1. Quick Scan. RFID identifier can be recognized at the same time read a number of RFID tags! 2. Size miniaturization, shape diversification. RFID in the reading is not limited by size and shape, do not need to read the accuracy of the paper with the fixed size and printing quality. In addition, RFID tags can be more miniaturized and diverse forms of development to apply to different products. 3. anti-pollution capability and durability. Traditional barcode Carrier is paper, it is easy to be contaminated, but RFID on water, oil and chemicals such as substances have a strong resistance. In addition, because the bar code is attached to the plastic bag or outer wrapping paper box, it is particularly vulnerable to impairment; RFID label is the data in the chip, so it can be protected from fouling.Smart Label