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What Are Smart Labels

A smart label is a flat responsive device that is usually electronic. Most electronic devices are becoming flat because it is easier to lower their cost and fit them in awkward places such as packaging but we are not defining smart labels as generally as this. Smart labels are typically no more than 0.3 millimeters thick. We include smart tickets and laminates in the definition but not smart cards even if they work at a distance. These are a separate, but closely-related subject. Smart labels are becoming enormously important both socially and in terms of business potential. They can, for example, save lives and create billion dollar businesses.


The benefits of electronic and electric smart packaging are extremely widespread and becoming more so. They include saving lives, preventing sickness and crime, entertaining, refreshing brands and reducing costs for all in the supply and usage chain from parts suppliers, product manufacturers, retailers and repair services to consumers and recyclers. Such smart packaging is of immense interest across most of society from Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) to pharmaceuticals, postal services, the military and archiving including libraries.