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What Is The Purpose Of A Smart Card

            Personal financial records: Bank competition is becoming fiercer, in order to improve customer loyalty and attract more new customers to join, the banks introduced various bonus schemes and improved customer service system, and the use of smart cards can not only achieve a 24-hour free transfer function, and can reduce the bank and customer written work process time. A number of banks have issued smart cards on the market, while MasterCard and Visa's two major credit card groups are about to renew their smart cards.Smart Card

             Medical records: Once the health card IC, personal medical records can be stored in the chip, no matter to the hospital, can be informed of personal medical status, doctors can immediately know the patient's attendance records, patients can also be exempted from the report to fill the time, and reduce the hospital medical records file maintenance costs. In addition, the national identity card can also be IC, and all personal identification data such as fingerprints, birthdays, personal files into the chip, can also be used as passports, Singapore and the Malaysian government has begun to use.Smart Card

             Access control: Access control is very important for enterprises and schools, in addition to the smart card can be used as a general access control management, but also to store small amounts of money, with the general store to work together to improve the functionality of cards, such as a British access control system manufacturers will be used for access to the smart card at the same time can be applied to the ATM machine, it combines.Smart Card