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What Is The Purpose Of The Smart Card?

Functionally, the use of smart cards can be classified into the following four points:

1. the identification-the use of embedded micro-computer system data to calculate mathematical values, confirms its uniqueness.

2. payment-built-in counter (counter) alternative currency, bonus points, and so on, of the digital data.

3. encryption/decrypt-network quickly development of situation Xia, e-commerce of using rate also sharply growth, part manufacturers said, network consumption most important of is identity of authenticity, and information of integrity, and trading of not denied and legitimacy, through password mechanism as DES, and RSA, and MD5,, except can increased card of security outside, also can used offline job, to reduced network Shang of communications cost.

4. information-due to the popularity of GSM mobile phones, SIM cards in large quantities, and accelerate the development of smart card technology, making mobile phones from simple phone functions, extending to today's network capabilities.